abbaMelodic and you can sing to them after just the first listening – such are the songs of ABBA. After more than a decade of reign of multiwatt electric amplifiers, one vocal-instrumental band creates songs in which the electricity is not almighty! Here it is just a mean for tember and dynamic enrichment of the sound and the melody is simple, but at the same time lively and original, gives the songs that freshness and charm which were missing from the songs of the most “beat” and “pop” bands for a while. The four Scandinavian didn’t even dream about founding a new flow in the music. Their ambition although is very visible (and at first sight controversial) for a refreshment and at the same time going back to the making of songs, specific to the 60’s. And may be that is why they not only become the favorite performers of an audience just entering their teens, but also to the one that can no longer be called young!

The nonstop accumulation of ideas, the precision in writing the text (it’s no wonder that they have their “own” poet – Björn Ulvaeus) and finding it’s musical equivalent – this is the daily job of the band which made possible their name to be popular for while.

The story of the band, as strange as it is, begins from the failures of it’s composer Stigg Anderson. In the beginning of his own career he is a publisher of pop music and author of songs, but had the misfortune to stay in the shadow of the just rising “Beatles”. After he has been a publisher and producer for quite a while and working with different jazz-formations, in 1966, the then 34-years old Anderson becomes the initiator of forming a duo with two of the future members of ABBA – Benny Andersson (piano) and Björn Ulvaeus (guitar). The success is not big despite of their serious preparation in the Swedish jazz-formations “Nickelos” and “Hotenani Singers”. But soon they will be joined by the two “A”s in the band – Agnetha Fältskog and the Norwegian Anni-Frid Lyngstad. After the first prize on Eurovision, which the four singers receive in 1974, the daily job of the band continues to combine with lengthy tours and recordings in different famous record companies. 45 million vinyls were sold in just 3 years. The always-full halls, ecstatic audience and one irreplaceable motto – “Less noise, more music”

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