Local authorities reject Ringo Starr’s request

Ringo StarrIndignant local authorities rejected former Beatle Ringo Starr‘s request for financial aid he needed for repairs on his stables’ roof and some garden decorations (among them a statue of the goddess Diana) in his mansion near London. Continue reading

Attacks on famous rock musicians

John LennonAfter the murder of John Lennon in the USA, the attacks, robberies and threats against famous rock musician increased rapidly in count. Another victim is Rod Stewart – in Hollywood he was attacked during daylight and though the attack went on bloodless, Stewart managed to get out of it with just the loss of his car.

A contest in Belgium

Margarita HranovaAn international performance contest was held in Belgium. The specific thing about this contest is that the different countries presented themselves as groups. The prestige of the Bulgarian stage arts was defended by Margarita Hranova, Kamelia Todorova and Georgi Stanchev. Let us remember that similar contests were popular more than 10 years ago, when the Bulgarian team won many first places.


GenesisOne of the most popular rock-bands of the last decade was found and lead until 1975 by Peter Gabriel. After the departure of the leader, the band undergoes some personal changes, which, luckily, didn’t affect the band’s image. At the moment Genesis is presented as a trio – Phil Collins (drums and vocal), Mike Rutherford (bass) and Tony Banks (keyboards). The last two albums by the group are Duke (1980) and Abacab (1981).

Bob Dylan

Bob DylanA talented singer, musician and poet, Bob Dylan (born on 24th of May, 1941 under the name Robert Zimmerman) is a name of a whole era in the development of the folk-rock music. Direct descendant of the music of Woody Gurthie, Pete Seeger and others, he populated the world of his music with faces, events, thoughts, which brought his art to the level of social symbol. Many of his songs are a protest against the aggressive Continue reading

New movie about Elvis

This Is ElvisA new documentary movie about the life of Elvis Presley was released by Warner Brothers in the USA. It is named “This is Elvis” and it tells the story of the life and artistic activities of the singer. An interesting addition to the movie is the simultanious release of the album of same name by the RCA company. The vinyls include fragments from TV and radio shows, pressconferences and “home”-made concerts, in which Elvis sang and played in front of his friends.

Bee Gees are returning!

Bee GeesOne of the most popular british pop-bands “Bee Gees” said that they wish to return permanently to the island (Britain). Born in Australia, the Gibb brothers are british citizens and left the country in 1966 and since then they are working in the USA

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin1968 for the english rock music was connected to only one term – blues. The era of the singer-solist gradually gave to the territory conquered by the instrumentalists and the world was already talking about new directions, and the first signs of the rock-jazz were seen. Quite the irony was that exactly at this point in time the band “The yardbirds”, one of the messengers of the changes in rock-music and the guitarist Jimmy Page went on to form the band “New Yardbirds”. A few months went by in searching and when the blues-rock settled in the band’s musical style, the band went out with its new name – “Led Zeppelin”. The name was changed in order to evade any associations with the disbanded band. The year 1968 is nearing its end.
A very interesting development-wise year for Led Zeppelin is the next year – 1969 when they release their first LP, consisting completely of hard rock, blues and Continue reading

Folklore and jazz

Folklore and jazzAfter a constant, although not very intense interest of many European and American jazz musicians to the Bulgarian folklore during the 70s, with the beginning of the new decade, the interest of the European rock musicians in the Bulgarian folklore is increasing rapidly. “Bulgarian rock” (1979) by the GDR band “City rock-band”, “Bulgarian dances” (1979) of the Finnish rock band Piirpauke and the plays “Kovachevo” and “Trapeza” (1980) of the Dutch cast “Bazaar” are the compositions, we currently have information about. Particular interest are Bazaar’s plays, the director of who studied the peculiarity Continue reading

After John Lennon’s murder

John LennonIt is obvious that after the murder of John Lennon the “Beatles” will be leading topic in the rock-music life of 1981. A new book was added to the already huge written collection about the liverpool quartet – “The Beatles in Their Generation” by Philip Norman. The book is interesing because the leading figure in it, opposite to all expectations, is Brian Epstein, the manager of the band until his death in 1967.


During the 70s and 80s I was a big music fan. At that time finding “decadent western music” in Bulgaria was quite a difficult process. But in this blog I’m not going to talk about how hard it was to get records in those days. Here you’re going to read something else. As a fan of popular music (as it was called back than) it turns out I’ve kept many articles on music, written during the 70s and 80s.
Recently it came to my mind that I have a drawer full of articles and pictures form magazines and newspapers dating back to socialist times.
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